Biology Laboratory

biology lab at united international school

Biology is an incredibly fascinating field of study, because it is so fundamental to our world. Biology plays a role in everyone’s lives and touches almost every aspect of our existence in some way. 

Teachers agree that laboratory work is an important part of biology and science lessons. It is important for students to gain understanding of, and experience in, several aspects of scientific research through the use of laboratory research in teaching.

While participating in biology lab experiments, students lean more than just core scientific concepts. At United International School we encourage every student to take an interest in Science and Techonology.

Pupils observation of cells using the microscope developed manipulation skills and appreciation of life at the cellular level.

The order in nature seen through the classification of plants examined by the pupils developed appreciation fro nature.

The steps taken against adulteration and pollution of food and water were demonstrated through experiments and hands on experience. This stimulated the pupils desire for honesty and concern for the welfare of mankind.