Primary Education

Academics in the primary department play an important role on laying the foundation for all future studies

United International School focuses on the holistic development of every student. The teachers are well trained and are instrumental in helping the students acquire knowledge and make learning vivid and real. They make every class interesting with educational activities, group discussion, role-play and the use of various teaching aids of flash cards, charts, and the interactive board. French is offered as a third language to grade 5 students.

Every class in the primary department attends at least one computer lab session per week. These lab sessions bring out the creativity in every student. Students enjoy drawing beautiful butterflies, houses, sceneries and their favorite superheroes in MS Paint and practicing calculations in excel using the formulas.

Values play a very important role at UIS.  Morning assembly showcases the value of the month like humility, success, etc. Class teachers talk to the students about the values during their ‘class teacher’ period. The department notice board displays the value of the month with its teaching. Teachers encourage students to take up challenges, leadership roles are given to them in the class and these roles are changed on a monthly basis. Sharing, respect, and cooperation are encouraged in the classroom.

As part of co-curricular activities, students are given an opportunity to develop different skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. Weekly CCA (Co-curricular activity) period enables students to celebrate events like environmental awareness, anti-bullying and other important international days through various activities. Opportunities are given to the children to exhibit their talents and also develop their skills in music, sports, art, dance, singing etc.

 Sports enable physical fitness which is done in the primary department through a set curriculum. Motor development is the primary focus of the lower grades. Grade 3 and 4 are introduced to the rules of different games/sports like football, volleyball, basketball, etc. Karate is offered as an additional hobby to those interested in self-defense.

 “Singing exercises your heart, lungs and releases endorphins making you feel good.” As a part of these activities, grades 3 and 4 standard students are the nightingales that form the junior choir for the 1st time at UIS. A special tutor gives vocal training for the choir students on a weekly basis. Students also are given the opportunity to learn instruments like piano, guitar, and drums under the guidance of various tutors who assist them in acquiring these skills. Playing instruments or singing helps increase the confidence and concentration of the students.

Other skills offered at the school are that of dance, painting, home science, robotics, areonix, abacus, etc. The management and staff of UIS believe that these activities are a stepping stone in preparing students for the next phase of life with confidence and self-esteem.

Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.

Bob Talber

biology lab at united international school