Secondary Education

Quality education and all round development

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United International School situated in Bangalore provides quality education and an environment for the all – round development of students. Its focus is on the holistic development of children and strives to achieve this combination to support, challenge and empower students. Situated in the pristine environment away from the humdrum of city life, yet near the main road provides for the students an ideal atmosphere. The impressive infrastructure is designed to provide a unique experience for every child.

At United International School, our students consistently achieve some of the best academic results. This year 2020, yet again exceeded expectations and continues to place us as one of top ICSE schools providing top class education to our students.

At UIS excellence is achieved by imparting value based and moral education. Children at UIS are responsible world changers.

At UIS every child’s journey is personal. In the process of coming from middle to the secondary level they constantly evolve and develop themselves. They also develop a unique relationship with the teacher and the environment is just perfect for the learner.

Students are encouraged to ask questions and focus is paid on discovering and harnessing individual strengths and unbridled celebration of different backgrounds and calling. We bring out the best in everyone, both inside and outside of the classroom through our unique learning culture and we pursue our passions and strive for excellence, all in the spirit of respect, integrity and global well- being.

It shouldn’t matter how slowly a child learns as long as we are encouraging them not to stop.     

Robert John Meehan