Transport Facility at the United international school

Commuting from different locations can be problem especially when you have to drop your child to the school and then go to the office which is on the other side of the city.

At United International we have a fleet of school buses that are well maintained and in pristine condition, thanks to the maintenance done by the Transport Department who are very experienced and makes sure that your child is safe, picked up on the right time and dropped back at your doorstep. 

Every bus has a caretaker, who takes the attendance of every child. The caretaker makes sure that the child has reached home safely by helping him or her to safely cross the road, etc.

At United International School we screen every employee and make sure that they are perfect for the job that they have been selected for. 

There are a total of 11 Buses owned by United International School.

One 32 seater and two 22 seater Mazda’s, Five 42 seaters and Three 46 seat buses. All of these buses have been equipped with GPS enabled devices that lets us know the location of where each bus is at any given moment.

Keeping safety in mind, every bus has a camera installed on board and is monitored everyday. 

All of the school buses have emergency exits, a fire extinguisher and a medical kit for added safety.

transport buses available at united international school bangalore