Science lab at united international school

United International takes learning aspects of a student very seriously and in today’s world, Science and Technology plays an important role in our day to day lives. 

At UIS we have a dedicated Science Lab which is equipped with the best of the best equipment in the industry. From high quality test tubes and beakers, to the best in class microscopes and telescopes, are some of the instruments used to aid the children explore the different subjects in science such as physics and chemistry through experiments under the supervision of our highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Science has been defined as both a process and a product. The empirical knowledge gained in Science is subject to change. Since the only thing constant in life is change, it is necessary for Science to be a part of our education and lives. The development of a scientific outlook is essential to achieve this goal.

Exposure to the process of Science through hands on experience involving individual and group laboratory work achieves the objective of training students in psychomotor and cognitive skills such as observation, manipulation, measurement, improvisation and inferring.

This vision of the management of United International School for its students is made possible through the meticulous planning, organization and implementation of Science Practical’s in the well- equipped laboratories, organized and supervised by the dedicated teachers of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Experiments are conducted regularly in each subject which are recorded and evaluated. There is constant supervision of pupils’ handling of equipment which ensures safety and discipline.

The availability of sufficient apparatus and equipment enables students to follow instructions without difficulty. In the case of an emergency, first aid kits and fire extinguishers are available.

Lab rules include maintenance of silence, economic use of materials and meticulous following of instructions. Pupils’ records are evaluated regularly.

These procedures facilitate an enjoyable experience for both the teacher and the student. Thus ensuring the inculcation of scientific temper and acquisition of skills which are the objectives of Science teaching.