Computer Lab

Senior Computer Lab

A dedicated computer lab equipped with computers with the latest technology.

Junior Computer Lab

A Junior Computer Lab just for those tiny toddlers. Educating them with the latest tech.

At United International School we have two seperate computer labs. One for the children in the primary and the other for the higher class students. 

The systems at the computer lab are equipped with the latest software and hardware. The systems runs on Windows 7 and has essential software installed on it. Technology is the future and we like to keep our students updated with the latest tech and information related to tech.

The students of Class 9 and Class 10 are taught Java and how to Program. While students from standard 6 and above are initiated into programming, Students from Class 1 to Class 8 learn to operate and execute programs like Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Etc.

united international school's computer lab

The Junior Computer Lab has a total of 10 systems which is also equipped with the latest operating system and hardware. The little children are educated with basics of operating and handling a computer. The students learn to use software like MS Paint, Microsoft Word which are considered important in our day to day lives. 

All students are educated with the pros and cons of using the internet. How to be safe while browsing and tips about how to be safe while using the internet.