One of Coach Wooden’s most well-known quotes is, “Make each day your masterpiece,” which is actually the third item in the list of “Seven Things to Do” given to Coach by his father. This list later became known as Coach Wooden’s “Seven Point Creed.”

To Coach, making each day your masterpiece means focusing on what you are doing right now to the best of your ability. It is about recognizing that nothing can be done about what happened yesterday, and that you can only affect what will happen tomorrow by what you do today.

A useful application of this wisdom is to apply it to where you are at each moment. For example, rather than dwelling on that horrible officiating call by a ref or obsessing over what went wrong in the last game, try to keep your mind right where you are now and focus on the positive things that surround you. Let go of the past, be it a week ago or an hour ago; don’t fret about the future, be it next week or next year. Apply this wisdom in small doses throughout your day and by the end of it you will have your masterpiece. Read More..